Whats The Difference Between A Black Car And A Town Car?

The Difference Between A Black Car And A Town Car Is…

What’s all this about then?

limoWhen Henry Ford first began implementing the assembly line as the main method of producing vehicles, he never imagine the amount of cars that would be produced by other manufacturers, and the names that would be given to each of them. The world statistics say there are more cars in the world than there are people. If that’s the case, then there is no way that any individual person would know off the top of their head, the different types of cars that exist. For that reason, in this article we will be discussing some of the differences between and the definitions of the words “black car”, “sedan”, “town car”, “car service”, “limo service”, and “executive sedan”.

Black Car

Town Cars and Sedan ServiceThe term “black car” is given to services which offer executive travel services that can be anywhere from trips to and from the airport, to and from a hotel, to and from a home to a meeting venue, and other locations. The term became the norm because most of these cars are actually painted with a pearly black color and dark tinted windows. They usually come with a chauffeur who is also wearing a black tuxedo to fit the executive service. Oftentimes these are the same drivers that also drive limousines. One of these cars is usually booked by calling an 800 number or through an app and the fares will range.


The term is very open to interpretation, because it describes a wide variety of cars on the market. The word is not the car itself, but rather the way in which the body is structured. If you’ve seen or ever been inside of a Ferrari or Lamborghini, and tried opening the front trunk where the engine should be, you would have gotten a big surprise. These types of cars are by no means the same because they have the engine and trunk interchanged. For a sedan, the configurations are labeled a, b, and c. A is the engine which MUST be at the front. B is the passenger section, which MUST be in the middle and can seat anywhere from five to seven passengers, but the most common is five, with the driver, the front passenger, and three passengers in the back seats. The letter c is given to the cargo which MUST be at the very back of the car. The term comes from the word “sedia” which means chair, and in the past there were two or more people carrying one person in this sedia.

Town Car

A term deriving from the actual model, the Lincoln TownCar, is one of the models from the luxury line of the Lincoln car company. Lincoln got its inspiration from the body style of the limousines at the time, and if you were to put the two vehicles side by side, you would realize that it is almost the same body style, only that the limousine has few more doors and is a lot longer. These driving services are often also painted black and tinted black. The president’s fleet usually contains a few of these towncars along with a bulletproof limousine, and other heavily armed vehicles.

Car Service

This term is not to be confused with the car servicing term, the former is a driving service in which people get picked up in cars and dropped off at their locations, the latter is the term given to the monthly, quarterly, or yearly maintenance for different vehicles. This section is strictly about car chauffer service which includes services like Uber and Lyft, whose sole purpose is to make chauffer services affordable, and available to the masses with ease. All you have to do is make an account, add your credit or debit card information, select your pickup and dropoff locations, and you’re on your way. From there, you will get an estimated time of pickup, and estimated time of arrival so you can plan accordingly.

Limo Service

Limousine service is defined as a, “luxury vehicle driven by a chauffeur with a partition between the driver’s compartment and the passenger compartment.” These services are typically rented for a few hours or a few days by people throwing parties, getting married, sweet sixteens, and for plenty other occasions. They are also rented by executives, actors and actresses arriving at a red carpet event or by people who want to feel what the millionaire lifestyle is like. In the U.S. we differentiate a limousine from every other car, but when you ask for limousine service in some other countries, they typically refer to a “for-hire” driver and it doesn’t matter what type of vehicle they arrive in, it will still be called a limousine service.

Executive Sedan

This is the term most commonly used in the United States, in other places such as Great Britain,it is called an executive car. There, an “executive car”, is a word simply describing a car that is larger than a large family car. Mercedes Benz and BMW have created these types of cars for a select group of people and you may even recognize some of the vehicles’ names such as the Maybach, or the E-class from Mercedes. These cars are “executive” because they typically come with a partition option to have between the driver and the back passengers. The seats are extra wide and can recline and stretch so that you feel as if you’re laying down. Inside, you may also find amenities such as televisions, a foldout desk to eat, an even a small refrigerator for drinks. This may be the most expensive type driver service, but it is worth the value, especially if you’re going to and from meetings in your business suits.

What does it all mean?

It all means that…. in this article we listed a few different vehicles that are commonly used to provide chauffeur and driving services both to the masses, and to the more affluent. If you’re looking to book one of these services soon, you now have the information needed to make a decision and it will all come down to your personal preferences, what the occasion will be, the amenities you want, your budget, and whether or not you will have people with you as well. If you simply need to get a ride to a place across town and don’t want to take the bus, you can make an Uber or Lyft account and order your car. Within these apps, you can also ask for a more luxury car, but this will obviously cost you a bit more money. However, if you feel like having a day of luxury, we recommend you either book a limousine, or you find a place where you can get a chauffeur for a day in one of the executive cars we mentioned. It will be a great experience, and great motivation for you to want to buy one in the future.