The Limo Bus or Party Bus

Limo Bus

Limo Busses and Party Busses are the new standard in weekend night adventure.

Party Bus - Limo Bus InteriorLet’s face it, Limos are only comfortable for the 2 people that sit in the back 2 seats.
You cant stand up, you have to slide around and every time the car turns, stops or starts… get bullied around.

Those days are over. In Los Angeles, Party Bus service is taking over the market place.
And for good reason. the Limo Bus or Party Bus is the new standard in luxury, convenience and, believe it or not…economy. A 20 person Party Bus is $150.00 per hour + Gratuity. At 20% the final cost is $$180.00 per hour. If you spend 6 hours in the bus, the total is $1,080.00 – Divide that by 20 people and the cost is $54.00 per person…for the whole night. – Of course the bigger the Party Bus, the higher the hourly rate but with more people, less money per person. – Renting a Party Bus from us is an amazing way to hit a night on the town.

All of our Party Busses are equipped with some or all of the following:

  •  State of the Art Sound and Video Systems
  • Multiple 36″ to 50″ Plasma or LCD TVs
  • CD / DVD / iPod / iPad / MP3 Ready
  • Rich Leather Seats
  • Stripper Pole
  • Laser Lights, LED Lights, Strobe Lights and a Disco Ball
  • Seats 12 – 40 passengers
Party Bus - Limo Bus Interior 2

We are the Los Angeles Party Bus Experts.

We can provide you and your friends with a luxury experience this weekend and the cost is minimal.  With Busses starting at $125.00 per hour.

We are standing by to answer all of your questions. Call 323-230-5552 now to speak with an expert.